If you could glimpse into the future… would you?

If you could reveal the secrets of the past in order to move you forward… what would you do with that information?

Is he Mr. Right… or Mr. Right Now?… “Just give me a sign!”

Everyday, there are signs and subtle clues the universe sends us. Understanding those universal signs can be difficult and is often best left to a well-studied professional, in a clean, warm and welcoming environment.

We are proud be be able to host Heather Jay, a 3rd generation spiritual advisor with several past-lifetimes of experience in spiritual advising. Heather has earned her degree as a master of deciphering the often-cryptic symbols of the universe whether it be through the reading of the sacred Tarot, the interpretation of your most recent dreams or a personal reading of your palm.

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Personal services include Tarot readings, dream interpretation, palm readings and hypnotherapy (certified).

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