“The Amazing” Heather Jay recently spent some time in the Blackhart’s theater rehearsing the many technical queues required for her show “Questionable Content” which will once again take the stage at Blackhart’s on November 6th, 2020 (click here for tickets). While Heather was in the theater, we sat down with her to get a deeper look at who she is and how she became so… “Amazing”….

We asked Heather what got her started in magic, the answer was… strange. “A dirty old man at the Village Flea Market” she quickly replied. “I was 10 years old and my parents had dropped my brother and I off at the Flea Market… it was a different time then, you know, when you felt safe dropping your kids off unattended at a big warehouse in south Wichita where people discarded cigarette butts on the floor. There was this guy with a small booth filled with magic and he knew just how to get my attention every time I walked by. Every week I saved up all the money I made doing odd jobs for my grandparents… usually picking up my grandpa’s cigarette butts he discarded around the yard…my grandma hated those things. Anyway, every week I would buy some silly trick the dirty old man at the Flea Market would show me. Ever since then I’ve been doing magic…. And smoking…”

Heather then went outside to smoke a cigarette.

When she returned we asked her how she came up with the name “Questionable Content” for her show and her answer was… enlightening. “Well, when people first meet me they seem puzzled… they often ask me strange questions like how I identify, and the answer is… I identify as a magician. Then, when I dig into their minds and retrieve information they only just thought of they seem even more puzzled. Pair that with my twisted sense of humor and it just seemed to make sense.”

“Anyway, every week I would buy some silly trick the dirty old man at the Flea Market would show me.”

Beyond all the strange stories she can tell you about her life and bizarre habits Heather seems to have a mind that doesn’t work like the rest of ours. When she’s focused she’s laser focused and seems to be able to solve problems intuitively as if she pulled the answer right from the “universal consciousness” as she likes to call it.

As she continued to work through blocking sequences for her theatrical experience, we asked Heather what she liked the most about performing at Blackhart’s. Without hesitation, she responded with a very serious look on her face, as deadpan as can be. “It’s walking distance from my house.” There was a bit of awkward silence as we waited for her to continue. “The stage at Blackhart’s gives me all the tools of a big theater but I get to connect with my audience like I’m in their living room. The kind of mind reading and hypnosis I perform required that intimate connection with my audience and you just can’t do that on the huge Vegas stage. But Blackhart’s it’s like one on one with each member of the audience.”

As Heather toiled away in the Theater playing with light and sound settings we couldn’t help but think she is definitely from a different planet, even so Blackhart’s is proud to present “The Amazing” Heather Jay in “Questionable Content” every first Friday of the month. The next show is November 6th so don’t delay and get your tickets soon by clicking here.