A day ago… I posted a blog article about the immediate closure of Blackhart’s Magic Theater. I was immediately contacted by multiple people via email and Facebook telling me that I was in insane person if I closed the doors to Blackhart’s before trying to raise some assistance funds through GoFundMe. I’ve never been one to ask for help, especially the financial kind (most magicians are the same way), especially when there are so many really great causes needing money that are far more important than our theater in Kansas. That being said… there is NOTHING that is more important to us, than Blackhart’s Magic Theater, so….. we have set up a GoFundMe in an effort to potentially keep us open in Wichita, KS! Here is the link. Thank you so very much for your consideration and of course, for your hard earned money should you decide to donate to us. Thank you again, we hope to be able to see you in the future…..

– Blackhart’s GoFundMe link click HERE –