A letter from our Owner…

When I opened Blackhart’s Magic Theater in February 2020 in downtown Wichita, I was fulfilling a life-long dream. I was excited to open a fun, new venue that introduced an entire new, young generation to an age-old classic form of non-digital entertainment. I was excited for people to come to the shows. I was excited for the magic classes to be filled with students. I was excited for the magic club meetings every week. I was excited to bring the intellectually sophisticated culture of MAGIC back to my hometown of Wichita! 

As you know, a good magician always has more than a few tricks up his sleeves and when I opened Blackhart’s, I used every business-trick I ever learned to make it succeed… AND IT DID!!! We saw SOLD OUT shows every weekend filled isle after isle with smiles!!! Unfortunately… the only thing I didn’t plan for, was a global pandemic that shut down the entire world almost immediately. Equally as unfortunate, was that Blackhart’s was denied the approval of federal Paycheck Protection Program funds as well as denied all federal SBA loans as well. 

So… It is with a heavy heart as I type through my tears that I announce the immediate closing of Blackhart’s Magic Theater as a result of not being able to pay our monthly rent to our current landlord. Please know that our landlords are not evil people. They are not wealthy people preying on a small business. They are regular people just like you and I. They gave us a GREAT deal on the space for Blackhart’s and we are forever grateful for that. However, Blackhart’s needs to pay roughly $6,500.00 in rent to be able to stay and unfortunately, we haven’t been allowed to perform a single show for the last few MONTHS.

So… for those of you that were LUCKY enough to experience a night at Blackhart’s Magic Theater, you’ll have a memory of Wichita that very, very few people will ever share, and a memory you’ll never forget. If you DIDN’T get to see a show at Blackhart’s…  take a scroll below to catch a glimpse of the fun that is about to vanish forever (sad pun intended, forgive me).

Thank you all most sincerely for your support during our very short run at Blackhart’s. Thank you for your business, thank you for bringing your friends and family and thank you for putting down your phones, even if for a couple hours, to experience REAL MAGIC again in Wichita!!!! Hopefully we’ll run into each other again sometime in the future. Until then… keep loving each other and keep studying the art of MAGIC. Those few people with tickets still held with Blackhart’s will be contacted next week for full refunds.

Blackhart’s was going to be good for Wichita, something creative for Wichita to rally behind as our own. I’m so sorry I didn’t have a few more “tricks” up my sleeve that could have saved this situation and kept Blackhart’s in Wichita longer.

Please forgive me,

Michael Blackhart

P.S…. If any of you know a millionaire with a huge heart and several thousand dollars to loan, please tell them to email Magic@MagicWichita.com to keep the MAGIC alive in Wichita.