Get Tickets for Matt Johnson LIVE! at Blackhart's Magic Theater in Wichita Kansas

Master Magician Matt Johnson LIVE at Blackhart's Magic Theater

“Incredible!” – Simon Cowell
“Fabulous act!” – Penn & Teller
“The World’s Best!” – Ru Paul
“Master Escape Artist” – James Corden
“Amazing performance!” – Drew Barrymore

MAGIC & ILLUSION has pumped through the veins of Matt Johnson since he was 13 years old….

Originally from the UK, Matt Johnson now resides in Vancouver, Canada. Matt has been performing and perfecting his craft in the art of illusion for more than 20 years. Matt has traveled the globe performing in exotic locations including Japan, Dubai, Argentina, Australia and Europe and has performed at theaters, on cruise ships and COUNTLESS globally televised programs such as Britain’s Got Talent, CBS’s “The World’s Best”, SyFy’s “Wizard Wars” as well as on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us!!! In addition to that… Matt has over 80 MILLION VIEWS ON YouTube!!!!!!

Matt began his magical career in his hometown of Sheffield, England where he started as a traditional magician and illusionist at the young age of 13. On his travels around the world his knowledge in both magic and the mystic arts grew. He picked up secrets and techniques from the countries he visited and the people he met along the way.

Matt Johnson’s show is not simply a magic show,  but a glimpse into the life and dedication of a born illusionist. Matt’s performances are absolutely unique and completely captivating. Matt delivers his illusions and escapes with the edge of a street magician combined with the presence of a seasoned stage performer. Every performance from Matt incorporates magic, mentalism, the power of suggestion, escapes, comedy and audience participation into an act that was hailed as “Incredible!” by Simon Cowell!!!

Matt Johnson will be performing LIVE! at Blackhart’s Magic Theater for 3 NIGHTS ONLY on February 27th, 28th & 29th. Reserve your tickets as these shows will most likely SELL OUT!!! Reserve tickets by clicking the link below…

Get Tickets for Matt Johnson LIVE! at Blackhart's Magic Theater in Wichita Kansas