When we book the performers you see at Blackhart’s… we don’t take chances. We book the world’s TOP touring mystery performers… and on our first soft-launch weekend at Blackhart’s Magic Theater… Kent Axell & Robert Watkins proved just that!!! Kent & Robert are currently on a booked-to-the-max national performance/lecture tour and Blackhart’s was lucky to snag them for 3 nights as they made their way across the nation.

Kent & Robert’s out-of-the-gate high-energy performance style immediately translated into a room filled with electricity as they each chopped their way through the minds of DOZENS of audience members exposing their private thoughts, private personal PIN codes and even the transference of the sensation of touch between two spectators standing across the stage from one another that left all 3 audiences at Blackhart’s literally speechless!!!

After their performances on stage, both Kent and Robert spent time taking pictures with everyone who asked only before taking our “small stage” via our close-up table for an additional unplanned magic show with cards, mind reading and more that our patrons appreciated in spades!

Blackhart’s couldn’t have selected a better act to help us introduce magic BACK to Wichita! We can’t wait to book them both again after their hectic tour schedule is over. Both Kent and Robert truly care about each and every single one of their spectators and it shows in the pictures below….