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Some kids play football… some kids play a musical instrument or sing… some kids study dance… some kids practice karate…. and, some kids… well, some kids just sit and play video games all day.


How many children do you know that are well-skilled performing MAGICIANS?!?! How many children do you know who can walk into a room armed with nothing more than pure skill, hard work and ingenuity and use it to completely captivate everyone???…….. You probably don’t know many!!!

Today… “Master Magicians” are a dying breed, and for good reason; to be a “Master Magician”, one must not only master the craft of sleight of hand, misdirection, scripting, subtlety and subterfuge over the course of years of diligent practice (both alone and on stage), but a “Master Magician” must be generally educated about… EVERYTHING!

One of the greatest tools a Master Magician can possess is the ability to always stay one step ahead of the audience which requires the magician to be knowledgeable about everything from early modern literature, to the latest discoveries in the world of insects! A true Master Magician must ultimately be a scholar… whilst simultaneously staying up-to-date with the current distractions of pop-culture. A tough duality to achieve!

Discover Magic Course Materials at Blackharts Magic Theater and ShopAs if the road to becoming a Master Magician wasn’t challenging enough with being expected to be a master of sleight of hand as well as a generally well educated scholar, an aspiring magician must be … courteous, respectful, patient, kind, giving, confident, humble and authentic. There aren’t many places a student can learn ALL of the skills, values and knowledge mentioned in this article… until now!!!

Blackhart’s Magic Theater is proud to offer the world-class Discover Magic curriculum to the Wichita, KS community! Discover Magic is the first and only world-class magic training program that not only teaches children the secrets of the Art of Magic in a fun and exciting way, but simultaneously instills positive values and traits that will benefit the student in daily life for decades to come. The Discover Magic program is an ingenious way for children to learn the secrets of The Art of Magic through a fun-filled, weekly curriculum in a safe environment led by masters of magic and sleight of hand.

Discover Magic Classes at Blackhart’s Magic Theater are limited to only fifty (50) students per session so, if you are interested in enrolling your child, be sure to do it soon before classes are full!

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