The BEST Secrets of Magic Are Contained In BOOKSLong before humans were obsessed with downloads, dvd discs, vhs tapes, and even Georges Méliès strips of film; we have always communicated best through the written word… in other words, BOOKS! The Art of Magic is no different…

Just as modern novels and works of fiction that tell the stories of today tend to be more detailed and inclusive than their Hollywood-manufactured big screen adaptations, books about the art of magic and especially books on the topic of advanced sleight of hand are no different than their fictional cousins… best consumed on paper. Instructional video downloads, tutorials, dvds and such, serve their purpose well in terms of giving the viewer a real-world example of how a trick or sleight is performed… however… how can anyone possibly explain all 500 pages of an instructional book… in a sixty minute video? Simple….. they can’t. So, what about all the “other” information tucked away in magic books? What about the 90% of knowledge in books that DOESN’T make it to videos?

Blackhart Magic Library PhotoToo often, amateur magicians will rush to the hottest new online video downloads that promise to turn them into an “instant miracle worker”… however… viewers often experience frustration when they receive little more instruction than the very minimal basics as to how the trick is done. Notice, we did not write how TO DO the trick… we wrote, how the trick IS DONE, those are two very different things. It is one thing to watch a video of a heart surgeon performing a triple-bypass procedure on a living, beating heart. It is a completely other thing altogether… to do it yourself. Again… the Art of Magic is no different.

The Art of Magic is communal. Magicians rely on other magicians to make themselves better. We rely on one another for advice, tips, criticism, ideas and more. Magicians ask each other for mentor-ship because with each new mentor acquired, comes a wealth of knowledge from a lifetime of reading books… but not just any books… the “correct” books. Within the Art of Magic, you can find volumes upon volumes written on the topics of close-up magic, stage magic, grand illusion, mentalism, card magic, coin magic, silk magic, even magic with fruits and vegetables! There are books on the subtleties of misdirection and there are entire books dedicated solely to the topic of scripting your routines or show. There are literally countless books that fall under the category of “magic books”. So… how do you know which ones are worth your time? Simple… rely on the magic community to tell you.

The BEST Secrets of Magic are in BOOKSWhen you become part of the magic community, you are tapping into a world of knowledge that has been passed down for hundreds of years. Many magicians keep a library (even if very small) of books that serve them on a regular basis. If you’re looking for the “right” book for you, all you have to do is… ASK! At Blackhart’s Magic Theater, we love to help aspiring new entertainers find the resources they need to pursue their craft. In addition, it is no rarity to find one or more professional magical entertainers hanging around our theater… all of whom would be happy to assist you in your quest for knowledge. Remember… magic is communal!

So… if you’re ready to dive head first in the Art of Magic, bring with you an eagerness to flip through the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of pages of secrets, subtleties and other wisdom hidden in the pages of magic books!!!