Alexander The Man Who Knows - Mindreading for Beginners Blackhart's Magic Theater“Mindreading” is one of the most magical things anyone can perform, hands down. Mindreading amazes, it astounds, and it can even incite fierce jealousy when intended (or needed). Whether in an intimate setting with a few friends… or on stage in front of an entire audience… mindreading routines can “pack small and play big”. The Art of Mindreading has always been… and still is… a real crowd-pleaser!

Our “Mindreading” for Beginners Adult Class being held on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, is designed for individuals 16+ who hold an interest in the human mind, psychology, and what makes humans “tick”. While much of this class will consist of simple-to-learn “tricks” that can be used to amaze any audience… our “Mindreading” for Beginners Adult Class will also introduce and expose little-known subliminal quirks the human body uses to deceive those around us.

Our “Mindreading” for Beginners Adult Class will begin at 7:00PM on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at Blackhart’s Magic Theater. Each participant will receive a kit ($50+ retail value) with everything needed for the duration of the class. This class WILL SELL OUT… reserve your seat today by clicking here.