We’re bringing magic back to Wichita!!! Wichita, Kansas has a deep connection to the magical arts dating back to even before 1929, when Faucett Ross worked at The Wichita Beacon when living next to Dai Vernon… and continues to to the world-famous Stevens Magic Emporium, creators of the iconic Greater Magic Video Library and The Wichita Conclave, which starting in 1975, played host to the world’s greatest conjurors including Joe BergJay Marshall, Ross & Vernon, Fred Kaps, Flip, Kuda Bux, a young Lance BurtonDavid Copperfield and of course many others. When The Wichita Conclave eventually grew too big, the convention moved to Las Vegas where it emerged as the legendary Desert Magic Seminar!

Since Wichita’s magical “glory days” in the late ’70’s and 80’s… the city’s thirst for magical performances has been whet by world-class traveling performers in the magic community that have always kept the eager audiences in Wichita on their staple of touring stops. Some of these performers include Rick Thomas, Piff The Magic Dragon, The Amazing Kreskin and of course… David Copperfield.

In 2020, Blackhart’s Magic Theater will be proud to usher the art of magic & illusion to an entirely new generation of Wichitans through weekly family magic shows, touring performer shows, lectures, classes, special events and community involvement. The performers taking the stage at Blackhart’s Magic Theater are world-class performers who have honed their talents and skills over the course of many, many years… in some cases, DECADES!!! Now… these entertainers are coming BACK to Wichita to AMAZE you! Join us as we welcome magicians, mentalists, mystery performers, escape artists and more at Blackhart’s Magic Theater in Wichita, Kansas! We can’t wait to make some NEW magic history in Wichita starting in February 2020!!! We’re excited to be bringing magic BACK to Wichita!!!

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